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  1. Yeah I'm definitely right with the measurement. Its the same sensor and cam as before, could there be a reason it worked before but not now? No its always had a multi tooth wheel on the crank. Thanks again for all the help.
  2. Thanks Adam, i checked between A7 and A9 and had ~1186 so that's all ok. Over the weekend i removed the cam cover and physically waved a piece of metal across the sensor, this produced the below result. The air gap between the sensor and the pickup on the cam is large, its approx 8mm. The sensor is in the factory location so I assume that's as manufactured. The camshafts are the same as previously used so I know it used to work with the v88.
  3. Do you have any more advice on this? I'm really stuck on this.
  4. I checked tonight and the sensor itself Doesn’t have continuity to ground on either side, just the shield/gnd side of the harness does. I’m really stumped on this one. Anything else you can think of to try?
  5. Yep no problem, I'm away from the car but will be at the shed in a few hours, ill reply tonight and let you know. Thank you for all the help so far.
  6. I'm not entirely sure which side of the sensor is the ground side but i switched them over after trying to crank and it made no change.
  7. I’ve just tested as above, had -0.4 on one wire and 46k ohmz on the other. Does this sound right? I ran two new wires from the ecu to the sensor and still nothing. I haven’t pulled apart the connector at the sensor end though so tonight I will and make sure they are terminated well etc
  8. Ok great thanks. I have tried that, it did exactly as you said. Wiring wise i just have trigger 2 going to one side and both the crank and cam grounds joined with the shield into the shield/gnd pin next to the triggers, does this sounds right?
  9. Yes i tried that and nothing changed.
  10. Thanks for the reply, It’s a dedicated cam sensor, one pin/wire shorts to ground the other doesn’t. I assume that’s the shield/Ground wire. Currently one wire goes to trigger 2 and the other is connected to shield/Gnd, is this correct? The cam sensor is the standard one that triggers off the inlet cam.
  11. Hello, Quick brief of the story so far, i had a Vipec v88 on my 3rz powered corolla but have upgraded to a Link Xtreme. I sold the v88 in 2016 and the car has rested until now.I made a new engine harness and purchased the Link Xtreme but found I couldn't just load the tune into the new ecu. So i copied it all over manually and have tested injectors/spark etc. I am getting nothing from the Cam sensor, both the cam and crank triggers are standard other than the crank having a 12t disc instead of standard. The crank signal is working no problem as tested through the Trigger scope and the trigger signal for the crank is turning to yes while cranking. Can someone please run their eye over the trigger settings and maybe give me some things to try? I have tried a new Cam sensor and have triple checked the wiring, I have the signal wired to trigger 2 and the other side is to sensor/shield. I have attached a photo of the trigger scope and the tune is also attached. Thank you very much, Kyle Vance. luxy 13 4 19 420pm.pclr
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