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  1. where are they min and max clamp adjusted from?
  2. Here is the tune file GU1.pcl
  3. Hi, i have recorded the logs. Log1 is cold start. not idling problem Log2 is starting the car when warm, high rev up when first start and then drops down in rpm any help would be appreciated thanks jack Log 1.llg Log 2.llg
  4. Hi, I recently bought a ls2 gu patrol with link g4 ecu i have 2 problems with tune that need fixing... one being when I start the car cold it fires fine and then slowly drops down in revs untill it stalls. The second problem is when warm and I start the car it revs up to over 2 grand and then slowly drops down and stops at 900 rpm and then idles fine. Any help would be appreciated. i do have pc link and could adjust myself with guidance
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