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  1. Evolution55

    Tacho feed

    Its not the fact that i have changed to COP but that we've used extra outputs to change from wasted spark to sequential. We've run out of outputs for the tacho. Does the ecu hold power output need to be powered up or earthed for the ecu to power up? Cant get the ecu to power up to connect to a laptop. The fuel pump primes and theres 12v to the coils but theres only 3.4v going to the ecu and 3.4v at the injectors.
  2. Evolution55

    Tacho feed

    Hi there I am currently in the process of fitting a G4 EVO 1-3 plug and play ecu. We have an expansion loom fitted and are fitting additional sensors etc and have changed ignition from wasted spark to sequential as i am running coil on plug. The issue we have is having a tacho output so the factory tacho works as it would get its feed off the stock ignitor, but we dont have any outputs/inputs left other than ecu hold power. Will it cause an issue using this output? Or is there another way? Cheers
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