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  1. HRK

    Bank's power iDash 1.8

    I use a perfect tuning universal gauge connected to CAN In that case, CAN Setup is as follows. CAN Configuration CAN 2 Mode: User Defined Bit Rate: 1Mbit / s Data Mode: Transmit Generic Dash Transmit Rate: 20Hz CAN ID: 1000 Format: Normal Bit rate, transmit rate and CAN ID must match the meter and settings The settings may not match because the meter is different I hope to succeed
  2. Thank you for answering I will turn on the LED in a separate circuit
  3. Hi,all I want to light the LED when the switch is turned on (for launch control and flat shift) The digital input is set to pull-up (12+), and the LED is going to be installed between the switch connected to GND. Is there a problem with power consumption? LED power consumption is 2.2V 20mA I'm going to drop the current with a current regulatve diode. Thanks.
  4. Thank you very much My afraid is gone
  5. Richard, thank you for your answer No need to enter the laser trimmed number in LINK? Thank you in advance
  6. Hi, I'm using CAN LAMBDA,but the included sensor is broken. I got another BOSH genuine LSU4.9 sensor. Do I need to connect to CAN LAMBDA to make any settings? I'm afraid that the calibration value will differ depending on the sensor. Thank you in advance.
  7. Thank you very much for your support! I would like to enjoy MIVEC control
  8. Hi, Thank you very much. It was recognized when the pull up was turned on. But,there is a question about the pull- up voltage. The genuine ECU that is output to PIN2 is +5V. The link G4 pull-up is +12V Is this not a problem?
  9. Hi, thank you for your answer. I tried wiring, but the cam angle sensor does not recognize Digital input status remains OFF. The VVT settings were made to the plug-in EVO 9 data. I think that 5v + has not come to Pin 2 Is the software setting incorrect? I'm glad to answer.
  10. Dear all, I'm sorry for my poor English I'm going to move EVO9 MIVEC to EVO4 with LINK G4 KUROFUNE. I do not know the wiring to the cam angle sensor and oil feeder control valve for MIVEC. The cam angle sensor has 12V +, 5V + and GND terminals. Which should I connect to LINK G4's digital input? Oil feeder control valve has 12V + and GND terminals Which should I connect to the LINK G4 AUX output? I'm glad if you can write a wiring diagram and tell me. If you have a topic in the past, please let me know. Thank you
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