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  1. Yes I swapped the wires at ecu end to try it to see any difference. One wire going to trig 1 and other wire with shield going to ground / shield on the ecu. Does not share a ground with anything else. We had to change the plug back to omex plug and try back on the omex ecu so he could go racing this weekend and fires up first time and is perfect on the exact same loom. So can only think it's something the link is not liking from this trigger set up if the omex fires it perfectly?
  2. OK attached is triggerscope holding it at 5k rpm Also this is with above settings changed When holding the revs up with timing light on locked at 10deg still at - 70 on offset we are almost 30deg on timing light but moving around alot if I then try to up the offset to being it align eg - 120 it doesn't like it hope this helps
  3. attached is base tune c20xe-60-2-trigger1.pclr
  4. Sorry yes will do in the morning as away from it just now Thanks
  5. OK yes when on trigger screen the offset is set at - 70 as this is where the engine will run but does not match at the timing light as its way off! But only setting that it will run. When you rev the engine it will dance about even though it is locked at 10deg Yes sits with all cylinders firing and firing order is 1-3-4-2 and also tested the ignition to make sure firing correct batch eg 1-4 and 2-3
  6. Yes I mean when setting it up with our timing light we can't get it to time up correctly and can only get to - 70 other than this the engine won't run but it's not the correct timing on the timing gun etc Attached is a pic from triggerscope
  7. Thanks for that Adam , My settings were not far away from above but a issue we are having is when setting up the trigger we are only at approx -70 for this engine to start and run , it will rev clean enough but its not lining up with the scope approx -120 will be correct like on your base map but it wont start nor run on this setting , back it off to -70 and it runs but timing a good bit off from the scope . we are using the stock 60-2 and crank sensor , with wasted spark coilpack. Also with the -70 setting although it will start and run once we put any load onto it its like it looses sync and wont rev past approx 5k rpm . have tried altering the filter for the trigger but nothing . Any ideas why we cant get this trigger timed up correctly ? Also worth mentioning we are only using this for ignition only as its a racing engine still on carbs but needs ignition and also flat shit set up for the sequential gearbox , the engine ran perfectly before on a omex 600 ecu running the ignition only and exact same ignition set up thanks
  8. Hi does anyone have a base map or trigger settings they could send over for a opel / vauxhall C20xe engine running stock crank pickup and wasted spark for a link storm. Thanks
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