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  1. Installing a methanol injection system and i thought i'd ask before i start. Well i have to zero all the high mgp values when the methanol is active?
  2. Thank you @Adamw i did a lot of reading in this forum and most questions were answered by you. learned a lot from you. For some treason i thought 80 us was the max value. I will try and see if it shifts more when i hit 7000 rpm the reason for using the TPS is for the Launch control. And the Accel Enrichment. would you recommend driving it on closed loop just till i get there then turn it off? One last qustion. is there a way to tell the ecu to kill the engine when the fuel pressure is lower than certain value?
  3. Hi everyone, i have a couple questions Engine: aristo 2JZGTE VVTi. ECU: LINK G4+ storm black + factory ecu controlling the auto transmission and the cars electronics (Lexus GS300). 1. I did the trigger calibration and with 204 offset it was on point. then for the ignition delay I started with 0 us and i went up to max 80 us but it still, at 5k rpm, shifts by almost 1 degree. is this normal? i didn't rev it higher i wanted to ask first. or is there another way to fix it. 2. I want to know how to connect my TPS There are 2 TPS signals as shown in the picture from the aristo wiring file below. VTA is currently wired to AN signal TP (Main). VTA2 is not wired. which one should go to main. and do I really need the SUB? From the help file [TP (Main) provides the actual throttle plate position. TP (Sub) is used as redundancy to verify the validity of TP (Main).] not sure i understand what it means tbh. 3. i drove it around the neighborhood for 5 minutes and got some logging. would someone look at it and tell me if it looks safe to drive it around 20 miles to the tuner. I also attached the PCL thats currently on the ECU. i'm just trying to get the base map ready before i take it to the tuner. and also be able to drive it there because it's a little expensive to get a tow truck. April 12th.pclr Log 2020-04-8 7;41;19 pm.llg
  4. Hi everyone so my car is totally stock. Is there a base map i can download somewhere? or anyone would send me a base map?
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