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  1. Guys, I"m using the G4+ EVOI-III plug-in and somehow almost impossible to get the VSS to work. I got good reading on my APEXI RSM and Greddy turbo timer which has speedo wire tapped in when i tested it out. But on my pclink it's showing 0hz. Using a multimeter, i got some voltage reading though but pclink seems not be able to recognize and signals coming through the wire. I've changed all possible settings in PCLINK such as pull up resistor and active edge but still no joy. I've even replaced a different cluster meter hoping it's the cluster issue but still nothing. I've also hooked up a direct wire from the 2 pins which sends out the signal wires and still nothing. I don't know what else to do. I know the wires are good as my RSM and Greddy is able to get speedo reading just fine tapping from pin #66 wire from the ecu. If anyone faced the same thing with the evoi-iii plug-in please let me know. Really need to get it to work.
  2. anyone figured out how to do this yet?
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