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  1. I did, sent it off Friday to them.
  2. I did, I tried to setting the low to 500 and the high to 1500. Still no voltage. If there is something wrong with it and it is not repairable, is there another ECU that I could make work?
  3. Looking at the wiring diagram and the repair manual it says the power valves runs on power from the rectifier, it test 12 volts out. That circuit connects to pin 34 Low bus power on the B connector and that test 12V. I have nothing coming out of pins 29 and 30. I have read that if the ECU doesn't have the proper voltage it tries 3 times same with cable adjustment then it locks out. I have checked the servo with 12v power and it operates. I have tried hooked up the gauges and lights to make sure i don't have a high voltage condition, still no voltage to the servo. Is the stock 800 Vipec box setup with some of these limp mode triggers? I am starting to think that I need to send in the ECU for testing.
  4. I just set the low to mid to 500 and saved to ecu. 0 volts
  5. I will set the lower number to 500 and try it again. Thank you for your patience.
  6. I set the vipec box lower number to 3000 rpm. I did not look at the tach but i am sure i was above that. I did leave the upper number at 7200.
  7. I do not get any voltage across those 2 pins. I thought i did at first but it went to 0.000 volts. I switched to a stock ecu and I did get some 350mv. I did not remove the belt, so i could not rev it high enough to see if it switched to negative. I expected to see 10 to 12 volts. What should it be? I revved it to just below engagement of the clutch.
  8. Just to make sure, I can disconnect the power valve 5 wire connection and check the out puts of 29 and 30 from the ECU? Or do in need to have the connector plugged in while testing? My next test was to plug the stock ecu in and see if it jogs the servo or not. Just to be certain, there is not a box that needs to be checked in the ECU setup to enable the power valves to operate? Right?
  9. Sorry, no I was just grounding the meter and testing each pin. I did lower the set point to 3000. Ok, i will try it again. Thanks for all the help.
  10. I have +10.25 at idle volts across each of the wires 29 and 30. I have another power valve, so i hooked it up next to the machine. My thoughts that this would eliminate any possible mechanical binding. I opened the valves and started the machine, i expected to see the valves close at idle, no movement. With the engine running i moved the servo by hand pretty easily i would have been fighting the servo.
  11. What would be the chances that there actually is a problem with the ECU?
  12. Looks like I need to look at the wiring again to make sure everything is proper. I did see that in the stock A800 setup the Auxiliary Outputs A# - Tacho is on and in my setup it is off. Could this have anything to do with it?
  13. What software version should I download for an Arctic Cat ECU?
  14. hahaha, man am i a dummy. You highlighted A4 and A5 so thats all the further I looked. Ok, i will check that out.
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