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  1. It was out of an R33 gtst. It was just the board inside the standard housing. the board has GTR written on it and the car is running and driving well, just the standard attesa and a-lsd light which is pointing to tps signal error. It seems back when the ecu came out people had to run a wire from the pin direct to attesa but am not sure if that was corrected as time went on.
  2. Classic symptom with these dirty Nissan’s after an old ecu swap I’ve read. it seems I need a separate TPS signal apparently from the ECU to the Atessa. Some people say they just splice pin 56 over to pin 38 but then apparently this can overload the circuit with the attesa and it just throws a code again. I Haltech make a little adapter box to but it’s not clear to me wha to do with https://www.haltech.com/product/ht-038001-nissan-attesa-4wd-tps-adaptor/ Any help is much appreciated as most of the info is from the early millenium.
  3. My apologies I meant 360 out. Your never going to guess what happened, the cam gears were installed 90 degrees out as the dots were missing so were installed off the adjustment line. It was trying to suck through the exhaust and pumping durry out the compressor. Lucky it didnt bend a valve. I appreciate how quick you are to help and no doubt I’ll need you again haha. Is the knock link worth the purchase on such a dated ecu you think? cheers.
  4. Hey guru's! Just having trouble getting the gtr to start on the Link G4. Haven't put an oscilloscope on it yet. It runs a ROSS crank trigger (36-2) and a PRP cam trigger and R35 coils. I'm picking up RPM and it's fireing it just won't seem to kick over. The timings been set, initially was 180 out but has been rectified. This is limited information I know but if anyone has a picture of what the trigger setup's should be set too and perhaps any other setting that would be causing it to not go would be helpful. If someone has the capacity to remote in if we can't get i
  5. G4 man. Sorry I thought I posted in the G4 section.
  6. Adam you are a wizard Harry. I don’t think I’ve ever had a novel of a reply in any forum. Im going to just get the Ross crank trigger today with the 36-2 disc and for factory look I’m just going to cut the oem cas disc back to make a single tooth reference. All your post was missing was my trigger setup instructions for pc link and I’m laughing hahaha Love it man Thankyou. Makes more sense now.
  7. Can you explain what you mean by that. I’m worried about having an overlap when it’s setup so how does the 36-2 help
  8. Yeah it’s using temp batch fire for faster cranking. I think it might be a haltech only function. thanks for replying Adam I’m still getting my head around this. I haven’t ordered the crank trigger yet, is there any benefit to me getting the 12 tooth disc over the 36-2? im just going to be either modifying the cas disc or putting an aem disc in for the cam sensor side of things to keep the stock look Faster startup I should say*
  9. Hey guys, putting a trigger kit on my GTR and want to use a 36-2 disc. Is the G4 able to be setup to use that tooth pattern and can you setup quick start as well in the PC Link software. Thanks guys.
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