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  1. But injection can be used sequentional, right? There is 8 injection drives. And what will be the dissadvantage to use wasted spark?
  2. A little different question, could i use my Link Fury to run LS1 turbo engine?
  3. Can i use cal1 table, set it to ohms and type in the boxes the resitent values of the sensor? And if i can do so, which pull up to choose 1kohm or 10kohm?
  4. Hi again, we tuned the car yesterday with good results, but i have another problem, i think temp sensors, especialy coolant one, shows much higher temp then it realy is. How to calibrate them accurately? Before i had same problem with Ecumaster and one guy boil them in oil, but he tolds me that different ecus have different resistors and may be the values will be different, but i dont know did he measured them, connected to the ecu or not.
  5. I did what you told me and it works, thank you. I setted the base timing with stroboscope. Now i have different problem, i cant manage to run the pwm cooling fan which i used with the Ecumaster, before i swap it for the Link. Are all 10 aux outputs of the fury able to.run it and do they have build in pull ups?
  6. Thank you very much! Ill try it as soon as possible and report back.
  7. So, strange things start to occur with the modified trigger wheel. First the car wont start on Cam pulse x1 Sync mode like before and i managed to start it on Cam level setting, but more strange is how the trigger scope looks like. The scope is taken on runing engine and engine dont run good.
  8. What you think about this option?
  9. Hi, i have a freshly installed G4+ Fury and experince several problems, so firstly i want to know that my triggers are setted right. Thank you very much in advance for the help. The motor is BMW M50B25 VANOS with inductive/reluctor crankshaft sensor and hall camshaft sensor.
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