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  1. Hey, Wanting to see if i can fault find using my link ecu to find what the issue is when i fully accelarate and it sounds like the car is bogged and not making full boost ( thinking fuel or firing issue).. How could i see this and also if it is one of my coil packs are buggered at full throttle would the link show me which coil pack it is? Thanks in advance
  2. Have set up the ecu to turn on the fans using pin 9 which is sweet, im now trying to use a aux output to set up a similar setup (engine fan3) and set temp at certain temp so it then grounds the pin, im going to wire this to my temp warning light so it works in the same way, but as i was testing the rest of the free aux's it was not working on the software, aux 1 was red and wouldnt let me edit it (also on the pinout diagram it was showing 2x aux 1s). No aux 5 either on the pinout and all the other aux's are taken by CE light, Tacho, etc..
  3. MAC boost solenoid not working? Have checked that there is power and am sure that the other wire is plugged in pin25 which is wastegate solenoid on stock ecu and aux 8 on link g4+ how do i check this? As when i go into aux 8 and try and test the PWM is doesnt work!? Anything i am missing?
  4. We did this and went into the base map timing with a timing light and was close to starting but couldnt get it to go.. whilst we are doing the base timing calibration should the car start? We are getting 1 or 2 pops after 4 or 5 seconds of cranking over. The trigger kit is definately reading rpm but not starting. Unsure what i may be doing wrong? As i had the stock ecu in it rb25det s2 and it ran fine... only things i have changed is the link ecu g4+, link iat sensor, trigger kit new spark plugs and boost solenoid... Hmmm...
  5. Worked it out and i wired it the wrong way round DOH! No faults! Beauty... Went to go start it after calibrating it all and wont start, log file attached.. Only thing i can think is the trigger kit, i have wired as per supplier.. similar to the nz wiring kit only difference, is you have to wire the reluctor yourself as per attached.. Also have attached settings i have put in to the link g4+ The car sounded like it fired but just not on the right timing... Where should i start?
  6. eRRfhang

    Iat sensor

    Could it just possibly be that i have wired the sensor plug around the wrong way or does it not matter which way its wired??? Would like to know, can the IAT be wired incorrectly? Does the ground and signal have to go to the right pins on the iat?
  7. I have connected my IAT sensor to afm signal and afm ground and moved pin 27 to 36 as per @Adamw and seems allgood, i now am looking at PC link and the IAT sensor is showing 100 degress celcius!? I believe i have the right settings? So i have alocated an temp2 as inlet air temp.. 0.05v is error low 4.95 is error high Error value is 100°C Pull up resistor is 1 kOhm (internal) And Sensor type is Link NTC1-8 and IAT1-8 Also note i have a fault code AN T2 at 5V Wondering if this means anything?
  8. Awesome thank you so much @Adamw really appreciate it! One more question, i have electric fans and they are on a switch (its a drift car) i am wanting to try and use the ecu to turn on the fans once the ecu reads a certain temperature (maybe 85-90 degrees celcius???) What is the easiest way to achieve this? For the wiring side of it and inputting it on the G4+ Thanks!
  9. This is for the r33 ecu not the r34.. i only have an r34 body, the engine is from an r33... Thank you very much for that, What about the iat sensor what pinout would that run off? Attached ecu pinouts...
  10. Hey, New here, I have an RB25det S2 transferred to an R34 coupe and wanting to wire in my IAT sensor and MAC Boost solenoid, I am deleting the AFM as wont need it now, what wires can i use to wire these 2 items in with? i know that the ECU pin 25 is for one wire on the Boost solenoid but which wire? i have 2, black and black with white writing.. ideally i would like to use the wiring that is already in the loom from either of the wires below ( as its for a drift car so not needed and can re locate the pin out on the ecu) powersteering cable is not used and all the AFM cables not used ( 3pin pink AFM) any help is appreciated. thanks Cole!
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