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  1. I agree, I will be changing the injectors down the road when it gets a retune. I’d like to compensate for the flow variance for now.
  2. I’ve included the flow test on the injectors. there is quite a large variance between the injectors that i’d like to compensate for
  3. I just had my injectors cleaned and flow tested, and was wondering what would be the most efficient way to compensate for the variance in flow. Would it be using the “Individual Cyl Fuel Trim Table”? I was thinking of using the “Single” mode, and assuming that I put the injectors in the order of the printout: -3.12% 3.96% -5.09% 5.02% *based on the average static flow # of 512.50cc/min does this sound correct?
  4. I have a BP6D 1.8 VVL engine to install in a 1991 Miata. I was wondering if the MX5X will support VVL and what additional components I will need (expansion loom - XSL?) I will be using the original Miata harness and adding plugs/wiring for the additional components. I've been recommended by all who have done this swap to use MS3, but I prefer Link products as I am more familiar and have had 0 issues with them in prior vehicles. Thank you in advance.
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