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  1. UPDATE ive got it sorted out im 90% sure the fix for me was deleting contents of %appdata% back up your maps/logs before you do anything.... just incase anyone else runs into this issue,, this is what i did when uninstalling and reinstalling didnt fix it type %appdata% in the toolbar at bottom of home screen hit enter,, find the PClink folder open it and then delete the contents inside, restart computer open PClink then close it and the next time you open it should have a new appdata file saved, back to normal
  2. its in the proper file location and i replaced the file, i also gave the computer full permission of the file, and still the same
  3. i have a log file open, here is a screenshot, as you can see the range is very small i have tried changing this in parameters but when i click ok, it doesn't change, its locked like that on every parameter
  4. i cant figure out how to fix my issueim not sure how it got this way, but im not able to adjust the range or color line for graphs of my time plots in parameters , when i input the changes and when i click ok it doesnt change anything, all my time plots are white cubes and zero for the min and max values making a bit difficult to read logs
  5. ok then all is good, my ignition switch is probably on its way out most likely why it didnt turn off yesterday
  6. update: so i went out to car this morning and started it up again see if it was still staying on before i start messing with things and to my surprise it shuts off when i turned the key off, but now for some reason it turns off and doesnt hold the power on, it just stops engine right away and then the relays can be heard clicking off in roughly time its set for after engine is off,, weird part is it was functioning properly before updating, im thinking my ignition might be faulty that could explain the car staying on, when key out/off but that wouldnt explain why it turns off right when turni
  7. monsoonx i just updated to the most recent udate and i have had power hold configured and properly functioning previously , have been driving the car for a few weeks no problem,, after update car stays on with key out and i have to uplug power to kill the car none of my settings seemed to have changed during update so im not sure whats going on 8-29.pclx
  8. monya

    monsoon + obdlink mx+

    the device paired to my phone, tablet and laptop just fine, its just not communicating with the ecu, on any of the devices,, i tested it on my friends 2019 tundra and it worked no problem getting a buss error and receive error counter to 105
  9. monya

    monsoon + obdlink mx+

    so i tried setting bit rate to 500, 250, 125 & 100. Also, i did turn the generic dash to off and double checked wiring at port and still not making connection with ecu tried with obdlink app and realdash app both with same result
  10. monya

    monsoon + obdlink mx+

    monsoon g4x and ive wired as diagram shows in the communications wiring, obd2 port to ecu 8-20-tune.pclx
  11. monya

    monsoon + obdlink mx+

    yes just updated this morning
  12. trying to get my obd working so i can have working gauges on my tablet im driving blind rigght now, so its not very fun lol , in the can settings, its set up as, user defined, 500 kbit/s iso15765 in selected,, i can connect to the plugin but does not actually communicate with the ecu does anyone have solution to get it connected? thanks much
  13. thanks vaughan, ill just have to cruise with my laptop for a few more days not a big deal
  14. i have a obdlink mx+ bluetooth adapter im trying to get set up for my android tablet for my guages, its not connecting to my ecu, tried following instuctions in manual for can setup it wont make a connection any ideas? 8-9-2020 2jz-#2.pclx
  15. got it all sorted out, runs and drives well enough to drive it to brake in transmission and then take it to my tuner,, thanks adamw for you input, ill include my final file incase it can help anyone els 8-9-2020 2jz.pclx
  16. update: got it started had to turn fuel wayy up, 18ms for master fuel and increased fuel table until it smooth idle at 13.8, was running better than ever and then just died, i think it has to do with my warm up or idle control settings, can anyone verify if i have contradictory settings causing to die right after start up ? was good untill i got to about 65c idle speed controll target was dropping from 1200 to 1000 if that helps 8-9-2020 2jz.pclx updated 8-9-2020.llgx
  17. so i have updated firmware and changed the accel dead band to 15% and now the car will not start anymore here is my file after firmware update and a couple changes to fueling to try and get it started, it doesn't sound like it wants to start not even getting a sputter 8-9-2020 2jz.pclx
  18. thanks for taking a look 8-8-2020 2jz.pclx idlelog8-8.llgx
  19. having hard time getting to idle at anything above 10 ish afr i have a monsoon g4x, 2jzge vvti with turbo, deatschworks 700cc injectors , using traditional fuel model. when i have have master fuel to 8ms its super rich at start up 7-7.8 afr once it gets warm it idles at 9-10.1 afr and has fairly good afr for rest of the map, when i try to turn down fuel, master fuel to 5ms, fuel table all the way down to 5 for idle cells and still rich at idle 10.5 afr is just a little better,, its as high as i can get it tho, and at that point theres definitely not enough fuel in rest of the map at 5ms, even
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