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  1. Hi Guys,need help with an VE Commodore Alloytec base map please.
  2. Hi, had this problem once and tried lots of things, bought a 24 tooth trigger wheel off Vipec and went straight to 9000rpm. Have fitted lots of Vipecs to Nissans with out a problem, just this one.
  3. I agree, no need for turbo timers anymore. With better oils and water cooled housings and a small amount of common sense of getting off the throttle for a 1/2 a k or so before you shut it down is all you need. Turbo timers also can be a hazard if you need to shut the engine down in an emergency.
  4. Hi guys, I want to give the people who designed the Vipec software a BIG thumbs up. I have been roped in to tune a Motec M600 on a big dollar 300zx [$40,000.00 plus engine] and boy has it opened my eyes on just how lucky we are. I know it is always hard going from what we are used to and then go to something else but I have spent quite a few hours on it and it just does not have all the fast key strokes and nice features of the Vipec . Then comes the really bad news, after the poor bloke paid all that money for the Motec, now we go to use it and we find unless you pay a lot more you don't even get a tuning cable, no lambda, logging that turns off after a couple of hours, launch control so now he is now up for another $1500.00-yes another $1500.00 to get it up to what Vipec comes with standard. I am yet to find what is so good about them, having tuned earlier Motecs I don't thing I will find anything too special but will let you know if I do. Thanks again guys for a great ecu in the Vipec. Cheers, Grant.
  5. Hi,it could be the timing light pickup, turn it around the oppostite way on the plug lead-I guess you are using on the coil to check it.
  6. Hi, had a guy today ask me if I could tune his brand new Wolf 550 ecu, took me 2 hours to download the software. After looking at the software and thinking why would you buy one, I said take it to Townsville - 400km away to get it tuned. Then maybe the cold starts not right or it has a flat spot or something, then drive another 800km round trip and then its still not right. Why don't people find a local tuner before they buy an ecu. You might get it cheaper to start with but the amount of time to tune it and then never get it quite right, to me would be a waste of time and money. Thanks Guys for making us such a great ecu that is user friendly with fantastic software that lets us tune cars easily so they drive like a factory ecu only much faster. Cheers, Grant.
  7. Hi Guys, anyone have a base map or trigger info for the 4.5 six in the landcruiser please. Cheers, Grant.
  8. Hi Dave, your a legend. Cheers, Grant.
  9. Hi, you are making this way more complicated than it needs to be. Just try it like I said instead of talking about it. I have 280 degree cams and I dont have the same vacuum at 40% throttle at 2000rpm and 100% throttle at 2000rpm why should you. Don't forget you can put very fine map points into your maps, your not just stuck with generic points like on most other ecu's. Do you have a manifold supply to the fuel reg. if so use it, if not all the runners between the t/bodys and head may need to be all connected with small fittings and "t" pieces to get an even, although low map reading. The GTR's have a common vacuum source for the fuel reg. which we always use for the map signal as we do on all engines with a manifold signal to the fuel reg. As I said before just trust the Vi-pec-it works. I will send you a map from a GTR. Cheers, Grant.
  10. Hi, what Sutkale said in one of the above posts is right. I have tuned quite a few GTR's some with big cams and this works perfectly for me with all happy customers-good power and economy. Start with FUEL MAIN then set LOAD=MAP and OPEN LOOP FUEL TABLE TO ON. Then set up the A/F TARGET TABLE to the A/F you want at the various loads as you normally would. Then set the main fuel table to LOAD=TPS. Then ignition to LOAD=MAP. You may find when on the road you may need some unusally high timing numbers in the 80kpa to 100kpa area for example I have 38 in 100kpa and 41 in 80kpa around 3000rpm but it all works pefectly. The software is so good I run 30psi in our GTR and do not have to alter the fuel table-its so easy to tune on TPS. You will soon learn to trust it-just shake your head and believe. Cheers, Grant.
  11. Hi Dave, finished up using the MAF pins and will wait to find out the other pins when the guys come back from holidays. Cheers, Grant.
  12. Hi Dave, yes have the expansion loom but I always use the blue wire for my wideband on the plugins that I tune and there are lots of others available and would like to know which pins they are. I guess will just have to test them if I want them before Simons back. Cheers Grant.
  13. Hi, does anyone know the pinouts for the new Nissan plugin with the V88 top board, I just tested all analog inputs as I want to set up knock control. Std. knock sensors go to pins 23 and 24 but none of the AN. channels go to those pins. Cheers Grant.
  14. Yeah Simon you are right, after I removed his sub box amps and other shit to get at the fuel pump relay it had constant power. The no pin 18 is just because I am old, blind and can't count. The isc also had no power to it for some reason. I thought I would take the easy way out with the fuel pump relay and rewire it to the rear wiper ignition power wire-fixed one problem and caused another, when the turbo timer was used and the key turned off the power to the wiper motor also turned off so the engine slowly died so just ran a wire inside up to the power supply to ecu, also powered up the isc to same and all works good. Tomorrow I am taking the car to a priest and getting him to carry out an exorcism on it.
  15. Hi guys, just fitted a plugin to a 97my R33GTS-T and the battery went flat, charged battery checked all outputs were set up, tuned vehicle. Next morning another flat battery. Found the fuel pump is on all the time-has a stock pump and is almost silent and very hard to hear in the workshop. Went to loom header and found no wire on pin 18. Anyone else come across this one? Will start looking for wire that must somehow be earthed on another pin in the vipec.
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