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  1. sensor ground (green wire in harmness)
  2. ive tried but the sensor (green) wires as well as disconnected my 5v sensors and tempsensors 5v sensors = oil pressure, fuel pressure, tps and map temp = ect + iat still reads the same. Also if i measure the red/white 8v i got 9.1volt wierd that it no longer throws the code and the ecu reports 5.01volt but i've tried 2 diffrent voltmeters and it's indeed 6volt
  3. hi ran into some issues today. Got a G4extreme installed for nearly 5 years, and today while driving, suddenly the the MAP reading went from 90kpaish to 240kpa and ect from 80'c to 130'c car overfueled and it threw a Analog 5v supply error code. I've cut the +5v cable 2inches from the ecu connector and measured the voltage to be 6.1volt. Must be a internal problem? the software reads Analog supply as 5v.
  4. i can live some scatter :S the ross kit is so expensive I did a testrun with the car yesterday, now the trigger errors is gone when i use drill on the CAS but when i drive i got SERIOUS missfires (AFR = ok and spark is great (VAG coils) above 6000rpm. It's undriveable above that. Showing up lots of Trigger errors. I'm gonna try Another CAS first then if that don't work i'm gonna fabricate a 60-2 crank trigger with a gt101 sensor and used the stock cas and aem disc as a camsync
  5. partially solved. going from falling to rising did nothing on trigger#2 Â but i taped 2 holes on the 24 hole trigger making it a 24-2 and left the cam sync hole Change settings to tooth/missing and setup 24 with 2 missing and left trigger2 as it was before. Now all trigger errors is gone and rpm is MORE stable (not as stable as i want but way better) Â Doing some more testing this weekend.
  6. I used ~ -340' that worked great
  7. i'll try to change from falling to Rising on trigger#2 (cam sync) when I get home from work. Cam belt pulles, tensioner etc is brand new. Spline drive is without slack, I get the same problem when I try running the CAS with a drill and the coils and injectors unplugged. PCLink also reports quite alot of trigger errors, especially aroung 2500rpm but also in the higher range. ( Trigger1 Err Count) both sync signals says OK and car runs but as smooth as it should. I've tried with 2 other CAS's also and tried to hook up +12v and ground direcly from the battery as well as a new shielded signal wiring from trigger#1 to the ECU.
  8. got it right and started  but my trigger signal/rpm jumps around above 2500rpm , if i log it can go from 5300-5600-5500, ive checked the wiring and also tried new wiring between cas and ecu
  9. worked fined, but approx what trigger offset should i use???
  10. i got it but i got major problems with rpm-readings. that's why i want to change it. Â the drive is OK and the timing belt is brand new. Â
  11. i got problem with fluctating trigger readings with my stock r32 gtr CAS. How do i setup my AEM wheel?? http://www.aemelectronics.com/products/sensors-connectors-accessories/nissan-cam-angle-sensor-discs trigger settings?
  12. I got some issues while trying to setup launch controll I got an V44 and using staged injectors (4x510 4x1680) I set the hardlimit to Fuel 100% cut. But when i use launch i seem not to have any hard cut at , If i set it to 100% ign cut i have a hardcut. Could it be a bug that the fuel 100% cut does not affect the 2nd row injectors?
  13. great! That'll be the setup then:) thanks
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