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  1. This being the First Car I want to tune my self. I've read a few good books on basic tuning, and I bought a package from HPA that's been very useful.. What pushed me to start tuning my own car was mainly the Quotes for doing a good base map Dyno tune. Locally its $250 an hour on the dyno, so with the possibility of a 3K bill just to get going I thought it was about time to learn a new skill... I have a history of learning and doing it myself when the costs stack up for Labour, but that's just me if it's interesting I'd sooner built it myself rather than buy it. Plus I was spoilt in the UK one of my friends was a Very experienced Engine tuner with Motec, and he used to do all my mapping for me, but now I'm in Canada BOHO... Really your going to have to thank Ondrea at HPA for me even know what a Link ECU is TBH never even knew you existed, all be it I had herd of Vipec...... Just found a dealer I know stocks your Stuff ( Lightspeed Innovations ) so a trip to see them will be on the cards early in the new year, thanks for the input and speak to you soon.... Happy Christmas to you all... PS if your bored and in need of a good read then here's the build thread.. http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=30&t=361836&mid=0&i=0&nmt=So you sold your Ultima, what do you build next Answer is !&mid=0 and if you like Porsche 962's here's another fun car I'm building in the shop.... http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=48&t=1426740&mid=1868&nmt=962+recreation+with+a+GT3+Heart...+
  2. The engine has a Holley Hi ram intake, but I'm building a new top plate with twin Throttle bodies as I have no room at the front or rear of the motor, so it makes more sense to have a throttle on each side.
  3. Hi to you all, I'm in the market for a Ecu and have just checked out the "Thunder". Seems to have ticket all the boxes I wanted, in-fact its the only one so far that has dual DBW and Cruise Control that I know of.... Not sure about the Vipec / Link thing a little confused BTH, does the Thunder have all the options on ? or are there any extra costs ?? Can I input the Corvette ABS sensors I'm using as wheel speeds direct to the ECU for the Traction Control ? How advanced is the Closed Loop O2, are there short term and long term Trims ? I've been looking at using MAF for normal driving and low boost then transitioning after that, spoke to Haltech and Emtron at Sema last year and they both recommended this strategy for the drivability. Car also has some Active Aero devices, so will need help with maybe some bespoke programming, is that offered ?? Thanks for any help etc Clive Info on the Car is a 1100kgs Mid-engined LSX short stroke 6.1 Twin Turbo...
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