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  1. for example my client had problem with EGT sensor. After reading error, logs he fixed it, but check light was turned ON at dash board. The ECU was protected and I was not able to connect to him. If tuner has a lot of clients it will be nice to make our customer more independent in my opinion))).
  2. It would very good if clients their ECU are under Password protection will be able to clear ECU fault codes without unlocking password.
  3. Thank you its very simple to switch ON in the main menu, but under what condition it will be turn ON? I want to use some DI for switching race gas maps, so should I select Overlay table in the Dual fuel table and DI? Dima
  4. Hi guys, Let me know please how can I ON AFR target overlay table? I want to use it for using pump gas and race gas with close loop. thanks
  5. After upgrading firmware AFR became too rich. I had not time to retune and did software downgrade.
  6. We will wait. Now all work fine, but I can't see EGT for example
  7. Hi guys, please help me to set up Full Can for AIM MXL. Base CAN works properly with generetic dash, but I am not able to download Full CAN. Thank you in advance Dima
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