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  1. Hey Simon, thanks for you quick reply. Okay, if the KMS does not work, wht about the Race Technology DASH4 PRO http://www.race-technology.com/content. ... &cat=31108 ? Is it possible to connect that display with the ViPec V88? Cheers Armin
  2. Hey, I am planing to buy a ViPec V88 for my BMW E28 M5 Turbo Build. My idea is to use a KMS Can Display http://www.risse-motorsport.de/product_info.php/language/en/info/p2981_KMS-CAN-Display-fuer-die-Anzeige-saemtlicher-Daten-der-KMS-Motor-Steuergeraete.html example video My idea was to use the ViPec Can Cable (CanToDash Cable or some other Can Cable) to connect the KMS Can Display to it. What you think, is this possible, Can Bus should be compatible right? Or is it just possible if I do some manually work? Alternative is there any other display at the same size and functionality? Cheers Armin My BuildThread http://www.bmw-syndikat.de/bmwsyndikatf ... delle.html
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