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  1. So with the coils is the 12v just a common igntion/switched 12v??
  2. Red link ecu g4 xtreme. Changing a few bits on my sr20de to det part. Need help swapping the CAS pins from de to det case. And how would i go about wiring in my s15 coils?? Ground, switch 12v?? Senor to ecu??
  3. I'm going for a tune soon, my sr20 is all wired up etc, but I've put switches in now for Hi/Low boost, launch control, and flat foot shifting (momentary switch on clutch) My issue is I'm no wiring person, I have 2 wires coming of each switch, I need to know what pins do they go to on the ecu (G4 xtreme red) so my tuner can set everything up on the dyno and make it all safe. At the moment, the wires are just chilling dangling about Thanks Jesse
  4. Can someone help me out with a base map I can load onto my g4
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