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  1. The new Thunder looks great, but is it still limited to only 25 channels of logging? This makes no sense at all. I can't imagine anyone NOT wanting to log all the sensors they have hooked up to the ECU. If not for tuning purposes, at least for troubleshooting if (when) something happens and you investigate the log file afterwards. I can't imagine anyone wanting to prioritize maximum logging time over more channels. Is this somehow a hardware limitation? If this was, say, at least 50 channels I'd upgrade from my G4+ Xtreme right way..
  2. PCL sent in email. Push switch is wired to ground.
  3. I wired in a push button for traction disable and a traction led light. I can confirm that it's hooked up correctly and working when set as GP inputs/outputs but when assigned as traction disable switch and tc light it does nothing. The DI input in the runtime window does not indicate anything and traction status is unchanged and the led does not come on.
  4. Perfect, thanks for the clear up.
  5. Not sure I understand.. The runtime shows DI8 as active (e.g conditions are met?) but table 2 does not show as activated. I haven't tested in real life to see if table 2 is activated but it doesn't seem likely. Strange that it works 100% on the bench. As you saw in the logs above during the same run there was 2 occasions where the conditions were met but TC still inactive.
  6. Hi, I sent the map file to you in an email. Do you mean that the DI switch is actually switching maps now but just that the PC link doesn't show it?
  7. I see several placed in my log file that traction is not activated although all thresholds are exceeded. See log file where I have 30+ % spin but traction status is just ready and no trim values. I had issues with my RF sensor so I set non driven wheels to just LF. TC issues.png = accelerating away from the pit. 1st and 2nd gear with massive wheel spin but no correction. Slip set to 6% TC issues 2.png = tight corner with slip AND tc correction. This was on the same lap as the above so no changes to the map. -------------------- Issue 2: I have the TC map selector set to DI8. I confirm that my switch to DI8 works in the runtime window (and it worked to switch on logging) but I doesn't work to switch TC map. Map 1 is always activated. -------------- Software request: The slip map should be a 3d map and not a 2d. X axis should be possible to set to e.g. an Aux input to have a rotary switch to adjust in car for different slip levels. When testing this at the track it's very very time consuming finding the right balance. This really needs to be driver adjustable on the fly to be useful for maximum performance.
  8. I solved it earlier this week with this setup: 330 ohm resistor -> white cabel of sensor black cable of sensor -> DI input of Link AND 500 ohm resistor to ground.
  9. I've setup wheel speed sensors but I cannot get them to work with my link g4 plus extreme. The are a bit special being wire only. I've tried everything I can think of without success. These sensors http://www.ifm.com/products/gb/ds/IE5238.htm
  10. Hi Dave, do you have any spec on the can channels between the Motec dashes and the G4 ECUs? The interface from the G4 to AIM is limited in channels as described here and I assumed it to be the same with other dashes as well http://www.aim-sportline.com/download/ecu/racing/LinkG4_CANBase_101_eng.pdf
  11. I have an AIM MXL dash with GPS and lots of car sensors but the CAN communication with the ECU doesn't include everything within the ECU. So I'm stuck with having to log that data in the ECU itself. This is seriously a reason I'm considering switching to Motec for. I would also like to see proven CAN communication with a power distribution module to complete a race car wiring setup.
  12. I'm running a race car with a lots of sensors connected to my G4+ Xtreme. It's a severe limitation only being able to log 25 channels. I want to log everything. If something happens during a race I need to be able to check the datalogs for everything. I cannot know in beforehand what parameters that could be interesting to check afterwards. This is not really up to the standard it needs to be for a race car.
  13. Running the latest firmware 5.4.3 on my G4+ Xtreme and discovered at the track this weekend that the fan function doesn't work! The output to the relay ground is set to Fan1 and even though the temps on the Fan1 settings indicates the fan should be activated it didn't activate. When I then reconfigured the output as a GP output using ECT with the exact same settings as the Fan1 thresholds it is working. So it is not a matter of wiring, fuses or broken fan etc.
  14. Crispin

    Gear Cut settings

    Thanks. I'm expecting the gearbox to shift in 50-70 ms so I will start with 100% cut and no extra fuel given the quick shifting.
  15. Crispin

    Gear Cut settings

    Hi, if the driven shift cut is set to 100% and and ignition trim to -15, what is the end result? Not sure I follow how the trim and cut tables work together. While the cut is active, how is the fuel trim used? I assume I will run rich during the cut so I thought the fuel trim table was used for reduction of fuel? But it's only positive values in the tables hence my confusion.
  16. Crispin

    Gear Cut settings

    Some questions about the gear cut settings. Is there no way of cutting the ignition 100%? I have a very quick sequential gearbox with paddle shifting so I need the rpms to drop as quickly as possible. How is the fuel applied during the cut cycle? Is it enrichement on the calculated pulsewidth at the time when the ignition cut is removed (e.g. when ignition is back on to normal) I'm running G4+ Xtreme latest firmware (5.4.3)
  17. I have an advanced GCU to handle paddleshifting. The GCU monitors barrell position etc and decides when to cut power and when to re-introduce it. So I need a simple gear cut function that cuts the ignition as long as the DI input is active. This was very simple to setup with the old firmware (G4+ Xtreme) but with the new gear shifting function this does not work. I cannot find any way to have the cut as long as the DI input is active!
  18. I opened up the box and removed the pins from the board connector and it seemed to do the trick. Thanks.
  19. What size is the Torx screws that is used on the ECU box? I didn't have smaller than T10 closeby and need to order. Is it T8?Â
  20. Hi, Yes that is what I meant with trying both options. Doesn't work.
  21. Hi, I've tested both Auto speed option's as well as selecting the slowest baud rate. The USB device shows up correctly in the device manager. I've also tested selecting the specific USB port assigned instead of the auto option. Something must be off with the new PClink causing this. Also, the status message "searching for ECU" that can be seen at the bottom of PCLink doesn't show in the latest PCLink when it tries to connect. Â
  22. ECU: G4+ Xtreme After I downloaded the latest PCLink and fm package and I can't connect to the ECU. The software is frozen for a long time until it gives the "cannot connect to ECU"-message. The ECU was running the previous firmware at this point. Starting up the previous PCLink and trying to connect now gave the same issue as with the new PCLink. I though that maybe the USB drivers got screwed up. So I uninstalled both PCLink's and the driver (and deleted PCLink folders). Then reinstalled the latest version but still got the same issue. Did this back and fourth a couple of times. At the end I left the car for a day and then when I got back I started with trying to connect using the previous version again. It worked. But then I tried the new version PClink once again and got the same issue that it can't connect/find the ECU (of course double checked the connection settings). Now the weirdest thing was when I once again started the previous version and tried to connect - then I got a message saying that the operation required a newer version of PCLink! So it almost seems like starting up the new PCLink and trying to connect it somehow alters the ECU code!? At this point I thought it might be a mismatch of firmware so I ran the firmware updater in the new PClink and upgraded to 5.2.2. That worked fine. Tried to connect with the latest PClink afterwards but....still got the can't connect issue.
  23. Crispin

    Wheel speed input

    I have some issues with wiring in wheel speed. Can I use a VR sensor for wheel speed and wire it in to a digital input?
  24. Yes. The engine is now started and running on the G4+ Xtreme. Still the same issue.Â
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