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  1. Fair enough, I'll just try it and see! One thing I need to make sure off is the closing speed of the servo. As in, it will need to close as fast as a throttle can snap shut. Can the pwm open at one speed and close at another? If not, it will have to open and close at the same rate.
  2. Ok, would a servo like this be more suitable for the PWM output? http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com.au/viewitem?itemId=150821957814&index=12&nav=SEARCH&nid=59668592266 Thanks
  3. How about a stepper motor like this one? http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?category=23&product_id=3317_0 It is 12v, has an 8mm shaft (can connect directly to butterfly shaft), has enough rpm for quick enough actuation and has high torque to oppose the return springs. Questions, 1. Can this draw too high a current for the Link directly? 2. If so, how do I wire it with a relay? 3. Will the Link make this close when it loses power? So in the event of a broken wire or electrical signal loss, it will fail safe? Thanks, Gary
  4. G'day Scott, No it is a second set of butterflies. I was at first thinking of progressive opening (pwm), however I will only need the second throttles on 100% throttle. This got me thinking how bad an on/off opening of the secondaries would be. I plan on doing a dyno run at 100% primary only and a run at 100% primary and secondary open. This should show me where it is best to open the secondaries. In any case, do you know what type of motor/servo/actuator would work for this application? Thanks, Gary
  5. My current setup uses primary and secondary throttles/runners. At the moment they are connected mechanically to operate at the same time. I would like to change this to operate the primaries only via the throttle cable and have the secondaries operated by an actuator, controlled by the Link G4. Questions, 1. Is this possible? 2. What actuator would I use? 3. Could I program it to open progressively, or just on/off? Thanks for any help, this will make this setup work the way it was designed.
  6. Well I can answer the second part of my own question. Once the laptop is connected to the ecu, I was then able to turn off the injector and ignition drivers as I pleased. There was no longer any padlocked areas. As for the first part, I still don't know.
  7. GDay, Hopefully a quick one here. Whilst configuring the G4 Extreme with a new map for a new install, I started with the 13b sample map and began to modify it for my 20B install. When I got to ignition and injector drivers, I could not find how to add 7&8. Turns out the sample map is a storm map. Is there a way to set the map as extreme? I then tried to set up a map from scratch using the extreme sample. I began to reconfigure for the 20B, but when I got tod the ignition and injector drivers, I found I could not change 7&8 on both. The screen has the padlock on it which I cannot open. Therefore I cannot allocate these as OFF or configure them as anything else. I'm sure it's simple but I could not find it. Appreciate your help, Thanks, Gary
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