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  1. Hey if any one has an older hand controller for sale or can rent me the use of one would be very gratefull either that or a work shop who will tune my ecu. I recently went to NZEFI regarding tuning a 3sgte G1 v3 they refused to tune it im all for new G4 LINKs but for those who don't have the money to just throw away on an ecu the G1s float around on trade me for cheap who ever revives or emanufactures a controller for these old G1s will make a fortune......
  2. sorry that should read can a serial link cable work to tune this with PC software also I have tested this on mt ST185 gt4 celica and it runs engine fine but would like to use it on an ST165 GT4 the ST165 ECU plugs are different to ST185. I plan to repin the plugs as other have done when doing gen1 to gen2 (ST165 - ST185) engines but was wondering if anyone knows which pin outs are actually required as I doubt the LINK needs all the factory loom to be hooked up.  I imagine injectors, ignition, lambda, ISC, are all needed but there are a ton of other wires I imagine the Link not needing.  Is there anyone out there who could tell me exactly what pin outs are required to run a 3SGTE I currently have LINK G1 3sgte tuned with plug n play wiring harness for ST185 GT4
  3. Hey have recently purchased a used LINK as stated in the title what version is this ECU and can a serial no be used to tune this ecu???
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