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  1. Hi, I am not familiar with Link Ecu! Only knowledge that I have is to tunning evo stock ecus! I will try to tune my RB26 over 1000hp engine and I will be very happy if someone can share with me a map of a big turbo RB26 to have it for reference! I have G4 Plug in ecu! My email is info@musclebody.gr
  2. And it will send me in launch control mode! So that's danger!! So I will try to remove tooths and check it first on the dyno!  Thanks
  3. I don't mind so much for high speed measurement.. I need only to use it for boost control. Less than 50km/h to have low boost and then high boost. So you think that I will be ok? In which input can I connect it? Expansion connector? Digital or Analog input? Or just at ecu loom at stock tacho wire (Aux 4)?
  4. Hi, I have an S13 with RB26 and drag box without speed sensor. Can I get speed signal from ABS sensor? As I know stock ABS sensors give analog signal (VR) not digital (hall). Can LINK Ecu read this analog signal from stock ABS sensor? Â Thanks
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