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  1. Hello. Is there coming in near future more injectors to G4 menu? Now when e85 is coming more and more popular I think at least Bosch / Injector Dynamics EV14 injectors would be good addition (1000cc and 2200cc versions) and maybe Siemens Deka IV Mototron 2300cc ones.
  2. Thanks Jurgen, I'll try that this weekend and report afterwards .
  3. I think AFR Tuning has mapped Link ecus too.
  4. I see I can't edit my post so I'll write here...When trying to add Wideband1 to log it says data not available.
  5. Any ideas why AFR (Wideband1) won't go in log but it shows normally in screen? Makes mapping harder . G4 Xtreme with newest PC Link installed.
  6. Hello, I am after base map to my Aristo, MKIV Supra's base map is ok too.
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