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  1. Hi guys, Ive had a look through the forum, this seems like quite a typical request. Somewhere between my old g3 system dying and the installation of the new G4, all the base maps where completely lost. I would be very gratefull if anyone had a G3 or G4 file that they could email so I can get this car ready for proper tunning. Thanks Gareth : unrealmx6@yahoo.com.au
  2. It's ok, I managed to get this one sorted. Not sure wether it was my lap top or the software or myself. It turned out that every time i entered my trigger tooth count and saved it the second i would leave that section it would reset to zero. After a bit of work it adventually saved the info, and instantly the spark rectified itself, and the car wa able to start.
  3. Unit is a G3 system with wire in loom. Car is a ST185 Toyota Celica with 3SGTE. The ignition system is currently stock. The spark out of my distributor seems to be all over the place. The car is only firing on only no3 cylinder consistantly, which is not enough to start the car. does anyone know the correct wiring for the igniter, or whether i have the link setup incorrectly? Any help greatly appreciated!
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