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  1. Hi! During my last trackday I had problem with RPM Limit. After about 10min in the track, my car started hitting the rpm limit at 6000rpm instead of 8000rpm, which is set. ECT ,oil temp and boost levels were ok. Any help? After checking ECU statistics I noticed that Max RPM was 10000rpm!! Is that related with my problem? Is it a trigger problem? Mods: Link G4 plug-in, Exhaust, air filter. PS: Trigger filtering is set to Level 1 (low). Is that correct?
  2. Kame update to firmware sou...
  3. Hi! I have an Impreza STI v9 (JDM version with EJ207 engine). I installed my new Link G4 plu-in ECU and set the jumpers to the 'STI' setting. But I had communication problems with PCLink, and the car cranked but didn't start. The problems were solved when I changed the jumpers to the 'WRX' setting. Same issue with another friend of mine with the same car and ECU. Any ideas why this happened?
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