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  1. Hello! I sant to set up the launch control to be activated with the emergency brake/handbrake. I have wiered it so thath when you pull the handbrake the switch gets ground. how do i wiere this? I have an pnp g4 rb25det.Â
  2. Hello and Thx for the replay, I have now tested with the standard ecu and then I have spark on all cylinders, so the problem must be in the ecu, who do I turn to get I repaired? I have to send it to New Zealand? Â
  3. when o look inside the ecu on the upper main board i can only find 3 ignition drives, but in your manual for the skyline pnp you write thath it has 4 drives for ignition, it also says thath they are wiered toghter 3-4 drives. can i somehow use ignition drive nr4 (if it is for real) insted of drive nr3? thath i might have damaged. best regards!
  4. Hello! Was starting up my car (rb25det with g4 pnp), but aint getting any ignition och cyl 3 and 4. all cables checked and i tryed all i can think of in pclink. You can test shoot the 3 ignition outputs from the g4 manual, and the other 4 cylinder works great, but nothing happenswhen i test shoot cylinder 3 and 4. can somthing have happends so i burnt this ignition output in the g4? or can somthingelse be wrong? all tips and idees are welcome. Is the someone in sweden thath can repair this ecu if it shows to be burnt? Â Best regards!
  5. Hello! I have just installed a link g4 pnp on my skyline, because of the problems I had with the cas sensor before am I upgrading to a coustom trigger setup, I have a 60-2 trigger wheel with an reluctor sensor and I got the car running with this as wasted spark. And now I am looking at building a cam trigger to expand this setup! Can I somehow use the cas signal to become a cam trigger? or do I need to build a costom cam trigger? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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