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  1. Hi Simon Thanks for that but my speed sensor is the cog driven type, (i think it could be a AC unit????) Â if it is, is the wiring the same as you mentioned? RB25DET nissan speed sensor. Thanks Andrew
  2. Hi Wombat Just reading you post here, sounds like you are driving the fuel pump directly from the link, while im not sure about the xtreme, the usual way to wire the fuel pump/s is to install a relay to drive the pumps. this takes the load off the link itself as it only has to drive the coil of the relay, NOT the full load of the fuel pump/s, thats why the diode burnt out and may have damaged the computer (but im sure the gurus at link will confirm this). as for the run on, im not sure what that could be.... hope this helps.
  3. Hi guys first off i would like to say how impressed i am with the new g4 link plug in computer i have just brought and had installed. Im also running the display link dash and think its great value for money. i was running the old g1 link gts on a rb30det and this one is much better. My question is about the speed reading on my dash (that isnt working). i would like to run the gear selection on the dash but looking on the help menu file on the pc link software i need the speed reading. Im running the rb25det big gearbox with the electronic 2 wire speed sensor (green and green). it seams to be all hooked up but the factory wiring loom must have a short in it somewhere. im going to rewire the entire speed signal cct and wire it directly to the link, and not use the factory dash at all. i have checked in the supplied link paper work and the speed signal on my computer is DI3 which on the computer loom is plug 53. what i would like to know is how to wire the speed signal, obvisualy one side of the speed sensor goes to treminal 53/DI3 but where does the other wire from the speed sensor go to? and what changes will i need to make in the computer software? Thanks for any help you can give me  Andrew
  4. Hi guys Just wondering if there is any plans to make PClink compatible with mac computers with out the need for any windows software (eg boot camp)? Also i am waiting for the arrival of my new g4 link and display link from you, (those earth quakes are playing havoc with anything, and that ash cloud....) im just wondering if the computer can do gear position on my rb25det gbox without sensors eg, gustermated gear selection? thanks
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