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  1. Previously marc stavert wrote: Hello all, Ive had a Link G4 installed for a couple of years on my Turbo IS200 and i must say its a great bit of kit. But i want to add a few things (up the boost by .2bar, external fuel reg, etc) so i will need it remapping. However the guy who mapped it originally is no longer available so who do people recommend from personal experience in the UK, im in the Lancashire but can travel. thanks Where in Lanc's are you Marc ? I've alway's used Andrew Carr in preston,i run a 480 bhp road/sprint impreza and he's mapped it from it's beggining up to present from my power FC,link G3 and current SimTek ecu. He is usually very busy so email is best,mention Adz sent you - andrew@teamcarr.net
  2. Hi, Ive been searching the menu in the RB25 neo ecu for the correct cam control ,the only one listed is the VQ35, is this also correct for the neo engine ? Â Thanks Adam
  3. Thanks Kelvin i will try that later
  4. Missleading info, first paragraph should have said- original calibration carried out before converter fitted and also after mph conversion it recalibrated ok..
  5. Hi, im having problems getting the G3 to enter calibration, its a ver 1 impreza with cable speedo drive,jap clocks originally in kph but fitted with mph overlay and cable converter,it has settings stored from previous 5 speed box ,this was calibrated before the converter was fitted. i now how have 6 speed fitted but when i try to enter calibration driving in 1st it says no speed input through the rpm range, the ecu displays the speed input in runtime values and defines the previously stored gear positions when changing gear, also the setting for speed display in ecu is selected to display in mph but it still shows it as kph in run time values,when showing 30kph it is actually reading 30mph on the clocks, any ideas?
  6. Fitted a new icv and was monitoring idle through warm up when an `Aux1 over 5 volt` message popped up,aux 1 is configured as coolant temp and latest firmware is installed, staus bars on screen show ok and coolant temp displays ok ,any reasons for this? Thanks Adam
  7. Hi, is it possible to pick up a map signal for an external logger from the G3? Thanks Adam
  8. With only one digital input, i guess i can only chose from one of the extra features? looks like the a/c will have to go,but i was wanting to run in gear boost and a clutch switch for launch/flat shift too,is that possible?
  9. thanks, thought it must be configured wrong somewhere! that is what is happening-the a/c request is pulsing... i havent got the instructions for the adaptalink,i borrowed it as i havent had time to wire in my breakout loom. Its a 2.5 hybrid and we have just establised a base map to work from,all seems good so far other than the car was hot when i arrived to fit the link and so we could not set the cold start fuelling. Can you point me towards sorting initial throttle action, from fully closed it can be snatchy with what can best be described as a flat spot (when sitting idle and gently applied),also when rolling off throttle the transiton is somewhat severe. E mail address sent Many thanks, Adam
  10. Using the G3 on a ver 1 wrx with adaptalink, when ign is in first position the aircon fan runs,when ign switched to prime pump fan goes off. Ac does not work when engine running. when in Ac set up,ac initialise alternates between on and off while driving and stops when vehicle stops,can you shed any light on this?
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