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  1. ECU installed. Engine running perfectly. Thanks everybody.
  2. "Be sure to let us know what the was. For future reference..." Dont know what cause this problem. We send ECU to person who has know-how in ECU repairing, coding etc. He just run firmware update...... done!! "The problem is that you don't have read/write access to that folder" As said before. Maybe 4 laptops that we use have hidden protection or whatever.
  3. Problem solved. Thanks to all people for your assistance. Will let you know when installed on car.
  4. Another problem raising. My friend not able to connect ECU to computer. Probably ECU is OFF. What pin number to power ECU on? Is ECU able to communicate to laptop without all wires attached?
  5. ECU taken out sending to friend to try. I let him know to do your steps.
  6. Try to disable inheritance. Not workable.
  7. "Andi you still haven't done this bit yet" Sorry forgot to do that. Will do it today.
  8. "Have you tried another communication cable?" Try some USB cables. Display same error message.
  9. "Where are you located? It may be worth visiting a local Link dealer" We are in Batam, Indonesia. As far as we know there is no Link dealer here. We must bring ECU to Singapore or Jakarta.
  10. "Have you tried another communication cable?" Havent tried. I think there is no problem with USB cable. Anyway we will try your suggestion.
  11. "did you have a look in the Firmware folder for the tempqw file?" There is no tempqw file after running firmware update. Firmware folder isnt changed either firmware update executed or not.
  12. Still unable to update firmware. Same error message.
  13. "When you close PCLink, do you get a window that pops up and says "Abnormal Program Termination"?" No. It closes normally except show pop up window display "cant save...." (forgot exactly) when make some changes to PCLink such as from manual to auto connection. "Can you go to the firmware folder, if the tempqw file is there, can you delete it and try again?" I dont check PCLink folder. We will try again this afternoon. No access to ECU right now (still at work).
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