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  1. Thanks again Ashley. I'd really like to use closed loop idle but I am using G2 hardware and have been assured that it is only a G3 function. We should be all good for now thanks.
  2. Thanks Ashley. Does the 4d table with speed vs engine rpm work ok on your test bench? I would prefer to use this as speed limiting because it gets away from the gear detection thing (easier to setup without having to know much about the vehicle). It also allows me to use the dual-fuel table for other functions like low temp power limiting to stop them thrashing a cold engine. Could you pls check that the digital inputs have the option of steering and engine fan available, and that they actually increase the step count in the idle speed control when activated. If possible, could you please change the limit of max 50 idle steps increase to say 120? 50 is not enough for what I am doing.
  3. Hi Ashley, Could you pls give me an update on the idle steps issue and also on how you are going with the 4D table using speed on the Y axis. Just a note on the method of speed limiting I am using- the fuel we are using has wonderful properties in that it detonates only around lambda 1 and is completely free from detonation >lambda 1.2. This allows us to very safely use leanout as a power limiter. The fuel economy gets better right up to the point of lean missfire about lambda 1.6 so in the best interest of not wasting fuel, we run it as lean as poss, unthrottled at all but low power/idle. If I set a spark cut speed limiter, the driver will just sit on the limiter all day and tip half the contents of the fuel tank down the exhaust pipe...
  4. Thanks for the info. I rolled back to 1.3.5 and the idle up for the aircon works, but not the steering or fan options. I cant actually find the fan option on the selection of digital inputs either. At least the aircon can cycle now without loading up the engine, but I have no antistall function. The driver will just have to learn to rev the engine before taking off for now. These guys are so used to diesel engines with good idle torque that they just let the clutch out and stall it all the time. As far as gear detection goes, no luck. The speed reading doesn't seem to go from the input value (displayed correctly) to the gear detection bit. I tried making a speed limiter by leaning out the fuel at 95km/h on the dual fuel table and it worked very well, but I needed gear detection to stop it coming in in 4th gear. Then I tried using the 4D table with speed and engine rpm as axis. This would have worked better than the other way of doing it, but again the speed signal doesn't get sent through to the 4D table. The speed reads correctly on the runtime display but the table only moves in the first row (0 km/h) I have just left it off for now and will try sending them some software update if/when available. Thanks very much for your help with these problems. Although we didn't get it fully working this time I think it has been a good learning experience for the people I am working with regarding the reality of implementing new and untried systems...
  5. maincode firmware version 1.3.6 BootCode Firmware Version 1.1 BAP calibration 65533 MAP calibration 1 Support BOard Revision 0 Main Board Revision 1.7 ECU Type LinkPlus G2 ECU Serial Number 1152 LinkID 1012 ECUMinSpec 3.28 Does G2 mean that I am using the wrong firmware? I haven't yet understood the difference between a G2 and G3 I found that by selecting idle solenoid that I can get closed loop going but of course I am using a stepper (6 wire Mitsubishi) and the options disappear if I change back to stepper. In a desparate attempt to stabilise idle I tried to make a on-off controller by wiring the aircon on signal to a aux output so that the idle would step up if the rpm goes below a threshold. The aux output and the aircon signal switch correctly but the steps count does not increase at all. I have set it to increase by 20 and 50 (max) but nothing changes. COuld you pls give me some advice on what I am possibly doing wrong. I tried the steering and the engine fan options too but none will increase the step count, although each shows it is switching in the runtime displays. Now Im confused and only have two days to sort it out
  6. Hi Ashley, Tried a whole day to get the gear selection going but only got gear = 0. Speed works well and I have set up a condition of rpm and gear for aux output 8 to switch. It does fine if I remove the gear-greater-than requirement and only rely on engine rpm, but then it comes on at the wrong speed in 4th gear. It does the calibration thing ok and says it is finished for each gear but when I go to ctrl F5 it says speed is ok (same as vehicle speedo) but gear is 0. Only thing i forgot to do was calibrate first gear, as it doesn't go over 15km/h in first (this is a commercial vehicle). I'll try tomorrow making it a 4 speed and ignoring 1st. (we are also data logging operation so need to know which gear it is in). Any ideas, im out of em! another problem that I need to solve rather urgently is that the software only displays open loop idle mode. The old option of open loop/ *not available isn't even there. This is the with V3.28 software. When I open an example setup (subaru V7 base map) the correct items are there along with a whole load more stuff that I don't have like more digital and analogue inputs that would be real useful... How do I get these options enabled. Please could you advise asap as this is rather urgent. I only have till tuesday to get this working properly. Firmware is upgraded to latest version too. Map was made about 6 months ago on the then-current firmware/software. Pls help Cheers, Andy.
  7. Thanks Ashley. I'll try setting up the gear detection and logic tomorro.
  8. Hi, is it possible to create an overspeed light with the g3 ecu? I need it to come on at a predetermined speed, but not necessarily at the speed that the overspeed limiter comes in.
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