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  1. Hi, i'm installing the said ecu to the said engine. the stock trigger as per attachment below. the camshaft has got 2 tooth. im not too worry about this as i can run wasted spark and multipoint fuel do i need to install external trigger wheel or can i use the stock trigger? the reason im asking is in the software in the trigger section has got suzuki baleno. but it doesnt state what engine and which year. older suzuki baleno runs on the same g13b engine and im assuming its got the same trigger. any help in this matter will be much appreciated . best regards HAVY
  2. Hi Dave, i did just that, open the evo3 base map stored it to the ecu, changed the inputs and outputs, and luckily with just one crank it started, had a few problems with the aux output, ive set two aux output for the fuel pump relay , one for in tank and one for surge tank but only one will turn on, the status of one of the aux out remains off, it's not like if we set to fan whereby we have fan 1 and fan 2 and we can control it separately, i ended up setting one of it as gp output and turn it to on using the rpm> everything went smooth except the fuel pressure drop when I push it to 1.3 bar boost, gonna change the pump and dyno it again tomorrow , thanks man for your help, Best Regards HAVY
  3. Hi, im installing the said ecu to a customer's car. Its an evo 3 installed with a set of denso 1000cc injectors. Just finish up wiring it to the car and im planning to power it up and start up the car today. Does anyone have a basemap for the said engine or can i use the evo3 basemap for the plug in to the wire in ecu? Any kind of advise and tips are much appreciated. Regards, HAVY
  4. Hi Scott, Thanks for the help, Ive lower down the dwell table value and lower down the spark duration to 1 ms and it seems to work. I will update u on the progress after the dyno session later, many thanks again. Best Regards, Havy Zolkifli
  5. Hi, Can anyone help me out, ive just installed the G4 storm to a proton satria neo 1.6 campro. The car runs and drives fine but the ignitor/power tr seems to be abit hot ( 70 - 90c ). For your info the car is fitted with MSD dual tower coil and nissan rb20 ignitor. I have a race coming up this 22 sept so i would like to solve the problem before that day. For your info ive tried changing the coil to oem and tried different type ignitor (mitsubishi power tr) but it only lowers down to 50 - 60c. Both coil remain cold,only the ignitors are hot. Here ive attached the map im running on. Realy looking forward for your reply, Best Regards, Havy Zolkifli ifwat.pcl
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