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  1. had a breif look online but cant seem to find anywhere uk based that has internal 7bar sensors, just the external ones. i already have an external 4bar sensor so how much is the g4 firmware upgrade, i will be capable of doing this myself as per the pdf instructions and previous electronic/programming experiance
  2. problem soved! changed to falling edge and upped the signal filtration and bingo no i now have my usual rev range back thanks for your help
  3. would it be possible if i updated to g4 firmware? currently have a 2.5bar sensor internal but i need at least a 3 bar map as ive built my engine to run up to 2bar boost.
  4. many thanks for the reply, i'm running a hall sensor on falling edge. ill try rising edge and see if that make a difference and go from there
  5. ive tripple checked all the limiter setting and even turned them all off. but no matter what i cant rev over around 5200rpm part throttle/full throttle make no diffrence either. its a mx5 / miata 1.8 with 36-1 trigger wheel running toyota cops. car drives great and everything seems to work except this problem
  6. is this possible with a lem g3? i cannot see a way to turn the internal one off and select an external one
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