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  1. 'ТръÑтет' мапера ми каза, че при над 10-15 градуÑа ше ми излетÑÑ‚ буталцата. Оревах Ñичко по Сузуки драг форумите и хората ми казаха 'нека твойте хора да Ñи правÑÑ‚ коли и да не занимават Ñ Ð¼Ð¾Ñ‚Ð¾Ñ€Ð¸'. Са хората има 6 Ñекундни мотори и малко по малко и вервам. Пък и мотора Ñи кара така от меÑец и не Ñе разлита.
  2. Hi Greg!  I still can not find time to check all my mapping on dyno. My first try with ignition map was to rewrite some civic ignition map (base map included in Link software). But it seems that cars have very conservative ign. advance. I check up with some guys from old-school suzuki forums and they share their maps. Some of them use 28* with 28psi boost in low compression engine. Any car engine will fail immediately at this settings. No one can tell me, why is this possible with motorcycle engine...only local Bulgarian Link Dealer, who is very experience mapper, he suggested that the short stroke is main reason. I trusted this guys and slowly start to rise the advance. Now I'm running with 30' at 14psi with stock engine and pump gas.
  3. Why bikes 'carry' so much ignition advance?? Â Cars usually have 10-15* under boost, but motorcycle engines take till 30*?
  4. It's easy done. Work grate!
  5. Hi!  Some questions :  My ignition is TPS based and I use Dual Ignition (MAP/RPM) Table switchable with cond MAP>105 kPa..it works fine My fuel map is also TPS based with 4D correction map when comes boost.  I'd like to make another Fuel table, which will be working till 2500rpm and will be MAP/RPM based. Reason: TPS based map don't work very good in lower rpms.  Any idea how to make it??  Thanx in advance Â
  6. Я...ÑÐ°Ð¼Ð¸Ñ Ð’Ð°Ð³Ð¼Ð°Ð½.
  7. And more  1. Which is best way to tune ITB with inconstant MAP readings? Make Fuel&Ignition tables to TPS/RPM and make Virtual Aux with condition MAP>100kPa and enter MAP/RPM correction tables?  2. It seems that G4 have not Ignition Idle correction like G4+ Can I make something similar: Virtual Aux with 3 conditions MAP<80kPa,TPS<1%,RPM<1500 and to enter correction Ignition table RPM from 500 to 1500, where 0 correction is by 1200rpm   Thanx
  8. Thanx for replay  Hm...I'ts hard to find non resistive plugs this days ...I measured mine, they are around 5,5 KOm. Ignition is with COP's, so no leads . But I remember that one of the coils , have broken spring for plug fixing...I buy new one and test it.
  9. This interference appears only when I rev the bike over 6000 rpm and when I start crank it.
  10. Some questions: Â Â I have some (probably) high frequency interference who kills connection between PC and ECU Link...what can cause this???
  11. Thanks to Bulgarian Link dealer/mapper/builder Emanuil aka Killer GTI my Gixxer is alive...hahaha.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/embed/hI26T-J8SvI' width='425'> http://www.youtube.com/embed/NHqc6B7zxXk' width='425'>
  13. Hi there! I trying to 'link-ed' an old GSXR 750. I've checked trigger options of link G4 and there is only automotive trigger's. My plan is to use original trigger wheel...something like that. It's with VR sensor. http://www.muzzys.com/advancer/advancer.jpg  So is there (from automotive triggers) which looks like this...or I should cut new one (24-1 ..etc)  Congrats! P.S. I want initially to run the bike in wasted spark mode and non-sequntional fuel delivery as far as I don't have cam position sensor.
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