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  1. Progress! So I changed the settings on the Ignition to settings mentioned here: http://www.megamanual.com/seq/coils.htm For the LS2 type coils, e.g Dwell between 8v-15v set from 6.9-3.8v, Spark Duration 2ms Falling Edge (Can someone confirm this is correct for me as I think this is the cause the most improvement?). Still problems keeping running, which I am not attributing to fuel and amount of air being let by the throttle body. Still wondering what a "rough" figure should be for Master fuel given I am running 850cc injectors. Â Considering the rx7 base map is 12-15ms, running at like 6 seems a little low. Â Thanks, James
  2. Really struggling to get a 20b to start up here, We have a ported 3 rotor wired into a G4 xtreme, and it won't start (almost kicking in) Have tested compression,  ignition and fuel and its all there, just not right. Im using LS2 coils and they are firing fine, however I think it might be over fuelling considerably.  Currently the o2 sensor (Lc-1) is not functioning for some reason so its running without it enabled, would this be a problem? I have a feeling its something with the fuelling as its dumping un-burnt fuel out and occasionally backfiring, its running on 850 primaries, can anyone recommend a fuel pressure and master fuel setting to begin with? Triggers seem OK, however I had to lower the cranking trigger arming threshold to 0.3. Timing could be off, as there was no timing mark, so we tried to figure out TDC from apex seals in sparkplugs holes- is there a more effective way without taking the front cover off? Any ideas welcome! Thanks, James
  3. Update - I managed to hack together a serial cable to test, and it worked. So I have a way forward here. Its USB chip failure, and a reset/firmware update did not fix it, so it seems pretty fundamental issue with the USB. What could have caused it? I want to make sure I don't do the same thing to the serial interface. As far as I can see its all wired in correctly and everything was testing fine. Thanks, James
  4. More info - analog sensors are still putting out 5v when on. Still can not connect to it using USB, not a PC issue as have tried different PC Thanks James
  5. Hi, Running a G4 xtreme red, everything was going smoothly, until testing ignition, I was getting spark through LS2 coils and I was running through testing each coil and the ECU lost connection with PC and will can no longer find it, it lost conection during a coil test that was working fine. If I start switch ignition off / on its doing its startup fuel relay prime so I know there's some life in it.  Also, the USB interface still registers the device - its under device manager etc.. I just get the can not find ECU. What would be a suitable course of action here? Thanks, James
  6. I also have two Toyota Igniters from a 7mtge, which I think drives 3 coils each, looking at a wiring diagram for it it appears to have 3 inputs used for deciding whcih coil to fire, but its not straight 1 to 1 wiring, its some sort of logical system, e.g, it has the following inputs IGa, IGb, IGt and outputs IC1, IC2, IC3 It says the IGt signal is routed to the appropriate coil depending on the signals from IGa, and IGb. So, before I go investing in coils with ignitors can I use this with a G4 extreme to fire some coils? Thanks, James
  7. Hi, I won't be using the stock parts for this, and I was hoping someone could recommend what I would need for 3 rotor installation? Thanks, James
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