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  1. julie lawson

    3 and 4 bar external map sensors

    hi I have seen the 5 bar map sensor you sell for external application which has a nice case around it in gold and pretty sure seen a silver one as well for 2.5 bar map sensor. Do the external 3 or 4 bar map sensors have a case similar to the 5 bar version of the product? Can't seem to see it only a pic of the internal workings of one with no case.  txs
  2. julie lawson

    Link g3

    Hi I have link g3 ecu which hasbeen upgraded to g4 firmware can you tell me does this ecu have a internal map sensor or I have to buy and Wire in an external map sensor? Â Txs
  3. julie lawson

    LinkDisplay And link g3 ecu

    Hi Guys.  I am interested in buying the link display for my car but I need to make sure it can show the following parameters.  I wish to do away with the cars dash (gc8 version 6 sti type ra) and just have this instead but to make it road legal I need to display the cars speed, is this something the link display can do?, The link ecu should  already have a feed from the speed sensor on the car or so I have been told?  Also is the link capable  of displaying oil temp, oil pressure and boost pressure? I know I need to get the electronic 0-5v sensors put in the car if I get them and wire them up to the ecu will the link display this info? Looking forward to your response, russ Â
  4. julie lawson

    E85 sensor

    Great txs Scott.  The car is fully kitted out ready to run the e85.  injectors rated to  850 cc, two bosch fuel pumps etc etc. So All i have to do is pay for the software upgrade and get a ethanol sensor and get my tuner to sort it all out.  txs Â
  5. julie lawson

    E85 sensor

    Hi Scott I have a g3 and will upgrade to the g4 firmware. I am wondering if I go option 2 above does this mean I can have one fuel table that will allow the car to run on a mixture of fuels? anything from pure 98 ron to pure e85 and a mixture of both say 50/50 for argument sake, though in all likely hood I would run one to empty and fill with the other fuel. or would i need to still have two fuel tables and switch between them?  cheers Jules