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  1. Put in a pnp Board in a st 205 and started emediatly but is revving very high and drops Down apr every 3-4 Seconds . revving 2000 rpm even if idle table says 1300rpm or 1000 rpm . it does not make any difference .Any one have an idea ?
  2. After adding the extra input cable on my altezza Board , i managed to put the bolt in on the cover where it supposed not to be a bolt. i now cannot get any Readings from the e throtle , can something have been damaged pga thebolt in the wrong hole ?
  3. we have now hooked upthe ext Board. i managed to put the Lock back on using the one screw in the hole marked red in manual , can that damage anything? it wont read the e throtle and tps anymore ?
  4. Thanks for Your help we will try this ,the % amount is that how many cylinders it cuts out ? this is a asphalt racing car With slicks and sequential gearbox , what do you recoment in settings for cut in and time to start With ?
  5. But for a wot gear shift i need a ign and fuel cut activated by the gearcut switch dont i ?if i put ground on f example d19 then it can be used as wot up shift, but i cannot find that in the software as a function for any of the inputs ? On turbo cars With only ign cut its usually make huge explosions in exhoust that makes problem for us on decibel measurement on our Circuits. we have a stupid 100db limit here
  6. I have a plug and play Board to a Toyota Altezza here ,that i want to hook up wot shift and boost adjustment bu a 0-5 v potentiometer on an4,I have got that up and running but when i pull the knob its only mooving the adjustable aerea from in a wery Limited area. Yaxis shows from 0-100 but its only moving from around 30-60. I also Wonders if its any awailable inputs to put the wot switch(its a switch to ground sensor ) its a race car so all ac and other Comfort functions is not in use . I have Attached the file in use,Really thankful if anybody can help me out of wich input to use for wot and if ayone can see why the 0-5v pot do not use the Whole scale on an4 input ,thanks toyotaaltezzasandberg32mmrestr.pclr
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