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  1. powerboy

    Ecumaster display

    My project is a circuit car. GPS, Accelerator , Gyro, and other sensors must be logged to analyze suspension and car performance.
  2. powerboy

    Ecumaster display

    Thank Adamw. Please help me to compare Aim 5" display (with gps and acc sensor) with Ecumaster display 5" in terms of pros and cons.
  3. powerboy

    Ecumaster display

    Is anyone try to connect Link with Ecumaster display?
  4. Hi everybody Short question. I added cam sensor to our engine 2 cylinders (standard engine is only 24-2 crank sensor). With the cam sensor adding, if i change the injector rate from 1/2 engine cycle to 1 engine cycles. 1. Value in Fuel table must me double or not? 2. Is it need to re-tune fuel? (in case of re-tune, i will left 1/2 engine cycle).
  5. Thank you Simon Can you describe cut off frequency of each level filtering?
  6. I would like to ask the meaning of Trigger filtering level. In help online is a sentence to explain it "Some trigger signals contain a large amount of high frequency interference and electrical noise,..................". Trigger arming hold is the threshold which direct variation with trigger voltage. But, i don't get the main idea of filtering level. Level 1-4 are low-pass filter or anything else?
  7. Is it possible to use Linkecu in this case with two piston engine? Only 24-2 Teeth without trigger 2. Ignition are wasted plug. Fuel are multi points group and 1/2 engine cycle.
  8. Any body help me to solve my problem. My engine is one cylinder with 24 (reluctor) and 1 (hall) teeth on crank and cam. The crank sensor signal very clear on oscilloscope. The crank arming threshold is 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 0.2 0.4 0.7 0.9 1.1 1.3 1.6 1.8 But sometime, while cranking, the engine rpm rise over 2000 RPM immediately (last 20 second in log file) and engine knock sound very loud and engine suddenly brake. How can i check my Link ecu crank cam input brake or not good condition working? In the log file on the time -2.06 to -1.54, i try to rev engine to highest rpm and check the crank and cam on oscilloscope. The signals looking good no any noise but in logger show the engine rev over 12000 rpm at time -2.00. Mar_05Log.llg
  9. More then 10 with Link ECUs with difference engines/cars. Size of fuel and ignition main tables 22x20 cells are too small, especially number of rows for high boost engine. In case of multi target boost levels, 20 rows are concentrate to boost levels, thus 2-5 rows in vacuum for constant speed and relax drive are not perfect. Haltech elite is often compare with Link which Haltech's table size is 32x32. If the new firmware is concentrate on fuel and ignition table size, Link ecu will be no competitor and closed to the best Ecu in market.
  10. Hi guys Anyone can recommend a reasonable price of wireless module working with can bus to PC for data logging in real time.
  11. Thank you Scott Very clear answer and minimum requirment of crank teeth for more accuracy timing.
  12. Hi Scott I confuse your words "does not update position/speed.... next tooth arrive". Example: 4 teeths of crank sensor per rev, ignition @15 BTDC, perfect a crank tooth and cam signal at 0 TDC. From your words, the 15 BTDC is not possible to trig the coil because ecu will update positions on 0 90 180 270 360 ... 720 degrees. Is I missed something. The 15 BTDC should be calculated/approximated/predicted form time difference of two teeth BTDC (630 and 540 degree crank teeth). Based on your word and Link ECU ignition resolution , for the most accuracy is 360 pulses on crank?
  13. Hi Simon I agree with you what most of EFI engine come CPS is divisible into 360. But some of old engine with carburetor system there is only one trigger on crank wheel (2 pulse per 720 degree) for wasted ignition trig. The 2 pulses per 720 degree are not accuracy, So some of crank gear is adapted like CPS. Thank you Boy
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