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  1. Would anyone happen to be in possession of a config/setup file and/or a base map for a Mitsu FTO, 6A12 Mivec motor, that they may be willing to share?
  2. Thanks Scott. Have replied to email. Will arrange to ship tomorrow.
  3. Hi. I have same ecu and dash, and therefore same CAN requirements. Further, at the dash end, can the 712 binder connector be used, or is this for the dash can expansion only, meaning I need to use the can wires on the main power harness? Then, your cable, it will plug to can/comms port ecu, at dash end.. open wires to connect to harness? Pins suitable for insertion to dash plug? I will need a 5 meter can wire, can you supply this? I have emailed... (tech@.....) Thanks.
  4. Factory motor was Rover K series. I went to VVC k series. Now to mivec. It wasn't straightforward, plenty of clearance work, as can be seen by the firewall (composite) cut out. I have acrylic to make a replacement firewall. Also have to find a compact alternator and locate it on other side of motor (firewall side). Have done it myself, so not too bad. There are some mode happening, it is not standard mitsu motor. Custom headers due to space constraints, custom inlet because I want to. I am installing a G4 Xtreme silver to run it. Also have AiM MXL dash. Need to find the comms port connector for G4 to make/run a CAN cable to run the dash. Have emailed link and aim directly with regard to this. Awaiting info.
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