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  1. Hi all!  Just hoping sum one has a base map for a g4 r32 skyline plug and play. Very new to this and the only one I could see in the maps wasn't even close to starting the old girl. she just needs to turn over and hopefully idle as it has sat for 6 months plus. Mods are gtr injectors, 25 head but vvt is not yet hooked up, 30 bottom, gtr fuel pump and front facing plenum, orange sticker air flow at the mo hope to get ride of this with the new link though! oh and of course a g4 r32 plug and play!! Any help would be much appreciated! I will get it tuned properly tuned but the money for that is a wwweee ways away as I wont to change sum piping before the big tuning!  cheers for any advice in advance!
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