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  1. Just wanting to see if you guys would be willing to provide me with the pwb schematics and Gerber data for the g4 RX ecu? I'd like to be able to expand the data logging capability with a external ad card reader and needed to see how and what type of memory chips you guys are using inside the ecu. Thanks zackÂ
  2. If your going to stick with a VR style sensor I'd highly recommend the crank sensor off a 99 jaguar vanden plas. It has a very nice package size and is very well made.  If you plan on running a hall effect style sensor diyautotune.com has a very nice sensor for rather cheap along with a lot of very nice other quality crank sensor parts.  zack
  3. I have to agree, having a paper manual is always nice. I've contemplated printing one from the help section page by page. lol. It would be nice if you guys could compile one though, I'm sure you have all the info already on a computer, just need to put it together.
  4. I have looked through a few base maps and other tuned car maps and they all have a vast difference for this one setting. What is the proper way to set this up  how can that be derived? Thanks ZackÂ
  5. So persay if the input signal is to the ecu from the Vr sensor is 600mV I should set the arming threshold to 300mV?
  6. That's exactly what the problem was.... Could've sworn I set it to off before. Either way car fired right up!!
  7. I beleive it is set to off. I'll have to check for sure when i get home. But there shouldn't be any issues with just running the 36-1 wheel with seq/staged injection for rotary correct? I will be scoping the output signal from the sensor at the ecu and then correcting the arming threshold values, just to make sure I should set my arming threshold a tad lower than the actual output voltage correct? Â Thanks Zack
  8. I just recently finished installing my link g4 rx into my 87 rx7 turbo with a aftermarlet 36-1 trigger wheel with a vr sensor. I have it setup according to the way it should be. trigger 1 = main sensor Toothed wheel/missing tooth count = 36 missing tooth = 1 vr sensor. I've checked the wiring to make sure it is the correct polarity and it is. Will be scoping it tonight to make sure i am getting a acceptable signal back to the ecu. The weird thing is that there is no trigger count errors and if i manually turn the crank my hand it will engage the fuel pump on and the iac on but does not show any rpm when cranking by the starter. I will post my .pcl file when I get home tonight Thanks Zack
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