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  1. Many thank for your help.
  2. Thanks for the help. The pins on the ecu , I was looking for
  3. Sorenjensen

    Map sensor

    Hi. I need an external map sensor on my Nissan skyline, it has a link 4g ECU, some that can tell me where to install the three wires. Regardes Søren
  4. Ok thanks for the reply regards soren
  5. Sorenjensen

    Map sensor

    Hi. I have a link 4 g ecu in my nissan skyline r34 gtr, but in the ecu is only a 2.5 bar map sensor, with a maximum of 1.5 bar boost, how can i install another map sensoe, to get more boost on. Regards Søren
  6. Okay, Haw many measurements should i do, and howi write it into the pc
  7. Hello again. how do I calibrated my aem air / fuel wideband to link 4g. at my watch shows about 14.7 to 15.2 at idle and on the PC shows the 8.7 idle, I will run quick tune program. because it gets too much fuel, the car is nissan skyline r34 gtr. Regards
  8. Hello I have set your air / fuel watch over my ecu box, red wire pin 49 black wire pin 50 white wire pin 29, and will then run quick tune, but it gets no signal, what have I forgotten to do, or I mounted the white wire wrong. euc is link 4g plug in for nissan skyline r34 gtr. Regards søren denmark.
  9. Hello. ok I will try when coming home from work. Regards søren Â
  10. hello. I adjusted it up and down the table, but when there is boost pressure is the air / fuel goes into the red zone, so that they may find out when they maper its. Regardes Søren
  11. hello. I thank you very much for your help, it has been a great help , I will transfer the gasoline table tomorrow morning, and write how it goes.  Regards søren
  12. Where can I find the main fuel table and adjust the table
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