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  1. amvegeta

    Can Lambda G4

    Because I have an innovative and I saw that you have advised in another post, the X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Gauge Sensor Controller (PN 30-0300)! Is the model cited compatible?
  2. amvegeta

    Can Lambda G4

    Hi, Can we use a can lambda on a G4 plug in?
  3. Can you help me, for wiring and changes in pc link?
  4. Hello, I have a Subaru Gc8 V6, and I would like to put a bigger body throttle. Unfortunately I only find throttle body for V7 sti, with a link G4 is there a way to put the throttle body full of the V7 (throttle position sensor V7 on V6)? Regards. And idle sensor?
  5. Hi Dave, Apologies, as I looked at the picture on my mobile phone, so I did not see that there was anything I needed. thank you very much, when I rode I tell you, but I think it will go. Regards
  6. Yes this is what i want. But i don't know how to do it? What output to use? Could you give me a documentation, like a how to do it, because i never do that? I'am not a pro. Lol. Regards.
  7. Hi, Thank you. But I wanted to put a configuration switch to change the fuel map 95 has the fuel map of competition. Regards.
  8. Hi, Nothing new about the problem with the pictures?
  9. There is a problem with the gif. And can you explain me, how to put a switch on off to select the maps please. Regards.
  10. Two maps for high/low octane fuel. Regards.
  11. hi, can you give me the procedure to be followed to put a swtich (on off) for two different maps. if you have pictures or manuals, i take too!!! Amvegeta
  12. amvegeta

    Map sensor

    I wanted to take a 3bar or 4bar sensor map, what you advise me?
  13. amvegeta

    Map sensor

    Hello, I would have if there are sensor map you advise more than others, for use with a Link ECU G4? I had a map of 7bar sensor ecu link, but this one is hs, so I have to change !!! so I put the original (1999 subaru wrx europe GC8), what is the limit of this one? Regards. vgta
  14. But i have a G4!!!! It's not possible with the G4?
  15. Hello, I wonder if it's possible to have a rolling launch control with antilag? Which would be initiated by a button, like the Nissan R35 GTR Alpha 20 AMS. Thank you for your response.
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