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  1. gabe1


    hey. In PClink Go to ECU controls in the top main menu and 3 down on mine is clear ecu fault codes. Make sure the issue for the light coming up is sorted before hand though. let us know how you go. cheers
  2. gabe1

    1UZFE Basemap non vvti

    thanks brad have done so. Subby one seems to work so will go with that.... All on hold atm as my wide band controller has packed a sad. Thanks for the help guys
  3. gabe1

    1UZFE Basemap non vvti

    100% on the wiring race jase
  4. gabe1

    1UZFE Basemap non vvti

    Thanks for the fast reply Iv got the gm 3 bar on there atm. Cheers
  5. gabe1

    1UZFE Basemap non vvti

    All going well engines running ect. One issue im having is that the map sensor wont calibrate. To set it so it is right i have to use MAP-EZ30 avcs Which gets me to 101kpa at sea level (ruffly) Iv tryed calibrating with a 3 bar map sensor and a toyota style one. Is this a common issue? leave it on this map setting? Thanks guys loving the ecu just need my wideband interfaces to work for me (banging my head on the wall)
  6. gabe1

    1UZFE Basemap non vvti

    Hi there, Iv just got a new G4 extreme for my 1uzfe non vvti stock engine atm. Has anyone got a basemap for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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