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  1. Don't think I have any of thouse . Will try and have a play this weekend
  2. sorry haven't been on for a while to reply , work went nuts .The trigger calibration is different to link as g3 not g4 .Any way put lexus 12 tooth trigger back in and set to 1uz triggers and got it to fire .New problem is that I have to go to multi tooth and then to 1uz triggers to get to fire . Turn key off and then have to go back and reset . Cheers neil
  3. Hi , tried that and get a different screen to shown . Was getting no spark on crank and than 3 sparks after i stopped cranking . changed to another coil setup and now no triggers at all.
  4. non vvti .running waste spark and 36-2 trigger
  5. Hi wired up and finally ready to start 1uz .Running windows 7 on computor and no online help on pc link. Does anyone have instructions on how to calibrate triggers . Cheers Neil
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