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  1. It my look like the USB->UART chip CP2102 is broken.. is there any chance that the EEPROM on this chip is possible to obtain somewhere?
  2. A short question, is this looking on cable end or on ECU connector? I can't get it to work, I think I might got a faulty ecu, can someone upload a picture of the inside of the ecu? It looks like the connector have been replaced and I want to make sure the connectors are correct, and the wiring
  3. Hello. I am looking for someone who can help me a little bit. I have bought a car with Link G4+ Storm. Unfortunately there was no cable with the car, tuning cable that is. After some research I can't find a pinout diagram for the plug. I know the ecu have a built-in usb-uart chip.. so in reality I need the pins ground, vdc, data - and data +. Can anyone with this cable nearby measure witch usb pin corresponds to witch pin on the cam end. That would also e quite helpful.. Btw, it is not the same as the can/dash plug. Witch is explained in the help file. This is the plug marked "usb"
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