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  1. Sorry for reviving this after so long but I am only just coming around to wiring in my LINK atom. I have a few questions and I will use the pinout in the original post to refer to the toyota pinout abbreviations. 1. At the +14 pin of the Atom ECU do I wire in the main relay (+B) or the Battery (Batt) pin from the toyota wiring loom? 2. As I understand I connect the two power grounds (E01 and E02) to the black wired ground pins of the Atom. Is this correct? 3. What is the computer ground (E2) in the toyota pinout diagram. Do I wire it to Shield/ground? Do I need to wire it? 4. I assume G- is the distributor sensor ground (Crank and Cam sensors). Do I ground it in the Gndout along with the other sensors or should I use the shield ground? 5. I will be using TPS based load for my tuning as I will run ITBs. If you can provide a basemap that would be great. I will attach my pinout file so that you can have a look and make any corrections MR2_atom_wiring.xlsx
  2. This is amazing. Thank you very much. This is proving to be extremely helpful. As I do not have ACIS now I will not be using that output. I have also removed air conditioning and will also probably not run power streering, Furthermore I do not need the MAP sensor since I will try to get the engine load to be tuned to the throttle but I might connect it anyway, I am also considering getting a wideband sensor instead of the stock one. My biggest questions now are: Where Do I attach the knock sensor? Can I attach the stock knock sensor as a digital input?Can I connect the fuel pump relay to Auxiliary 3?What about the other igniter wire which returns signal to my ecu to confirm firing?If I use a wide-band can I completely remove the stock narrow-band sensor?you have been great help and thanks again.
  3. I have just purchased a G4+ atom standalone ecu and I will use it to run my MR2 with a 1996 3sge non-beams rev3 motor. I will convert it to Keihin ITBs from a GSXR 1000 and probably also run a 264 degrees duration camshaft. I also have an exhaust and will most probably get a down-pipe. I will use throttle signal instead of MAP sensor signal since I will most probably not have a vacuum that is stable enough even with my Epman Vacuum manifold I will use. I have deleted the A/c completely just in case you need this information. All my sensors are stock except the TPS which is the one on the Keihin Throttle bodies and it is the standard 3 wire one I need help wiring it to my factory loom. I will attach a file with the factory pin-out. could you help me match the wires? Furthermore is the ECU compatible with the factory sensors like knock,water temp, Lambda, distributor based crank and cam sensing etc.? What sort of basemap should I use in order to drive it to my local tuner?
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