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  1. good evening I do not know if possible, but if there was a chance to move from a 3D table to a 4D table for better control stepper motor thanks
  2. Hi, I use Audi TT PlugIn ecu (VPA1) on s3 with bam engine but i fix the trigger cam with 1 window and the non VVT chain tensioner becouse i don't use the VVT function The engine run very well, check the engine timing
  3. Hi, Thank you very much! I upgrade the ecu firmware and I use GM Characterization data tables because with Link Characterization tables the numbers do not match I use a 2D Deadtime table with fuellab 1:1 regulator Is it right? or is better use a 3D Deadtime table? I set the min effective pulse width to 0.1250ms , is it right? thanks!! ID1000_GM_EFI_Live.xls
  4. HI, I have a 1.8t TT i88 Vi-PEC board I don't found the injector dynamics (ID1000) right data to insert in the table of pulse width adder and minimum effettive pulse width I have installed fuellab 1:1 boost reference, have i to use a 3D Deadtime table? Thanks!! ID1000 - Link Characterization Tables.xls
  5. Thanks, Perfect, but then the e-throttle also work? If work the warranty is not a problem Thanks Elia
  6. thanks, I would use the pins to connect a 6 wires stepper motor CL to control the Haldex valve I would keep the e-throttle, I would use another aux for e-throttle relay Is this possible? thank you so much Elia
  7. HI, I have a 1.8t TT i88 Vi-PEC board but i can't find te number of pin refered to Aux 8 I want change the E-Throttle Relay (aux8) to another aux becouse i use this for stepper motor Can someone help me? Thanks
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