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  1. Im trying to find some information in regards to the #G4RET Throttle controller. I currently run ETC through an extreme black ecu. Works very well but im trying to free up some extra inputs and outputs. I cannot find any installation and operation guides online or in the help files. What im wanting to know is. 1. How many wires for installation between the ecu and the #G4RET 2. Any programability in the unit for throttle sensitivity and Idle controll. Any info and experience that you guys can provide is appreciated.
  2. excellent idea. Ill post back my findings
  3. Hi Guys. I'm in the final stages of prepping a customers car for a dyno tune. Issue I'm having is that the laptop disconnects from the ecu when the car hits boost. Car is a rb25 running the gtr link ecu. I have logged voltage and it is a solid 14v when on boost, and the engine doesnt misfire or cut out like its loosing power. Anyone had this issue and if so how did you fix it? TIA
  4. ztoy

    Software issue.

    Hi Adamw. Yes it is reproducible and yes it is on surface graphs. If I select a group of cells it will cause the issue every time. I have updated drivers and have also deleted and reinstalled both the drivers and PClink. I just nuked the computer and gave it a clean boot of win 7. After updating the OS I put PClink on and the problem persists.
  5. ztoy

    Software issue.

    Has anyone had PClink have problems with nvidia drivers? I keep getting access violation errors in module nvoglv32.dll. I have tried it on 2 different laptops and have tried it under win7 and win10 and I get the issue on all of them. Thanks in advance.
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