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  1. Thanks for that guys. I was a little concerned of course! Did have slight issues with my CAS When my fanbelt took the wiring out for it. Probably explains it
  2. Hi all, Bit of advice needed. Car is a 1999 Skyline R34 GTT With a G4+ Fury fitted with a Boomslang harness. Car has had a new engine fitted along with lots of mods and i have since ran the car in over about 2000Miles. Its going for mapping tommorow and i got a photo sent from the tuner today with a list of the max values the car has seen... And said he was a bit concerned Bearing in mind these are the current limits that the mapper set on the car while i ran it in so it couldnt be abused of course RPM Limit 7400 Map Limit 205kpa (fuel cut) Engine coolant temp was also set to enable a rev limit and engine shutdown of around 3000rpm if temps went too high. Intake temp was again set if it went above a certain value the car would be rev limited. I am 100% certain the car hasnt seen these values, Its physically impossible surely. Im the only driver of the car also and its road use only. Car is also running perfectly, No issues with it and its awaiting a map tommorow. Should i be concerned at these readings? Are these values accurate and can they be relied on? Thanks
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